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Society for Eye Donation

Committed to the Cause of Vision in Corneal Blindness

Who we are?

Started as Eye Donation Society in 1979, later have been rechristened as Society for Eye Donation (SED) & engaged in creating and spreading the awareness about eye donation. We at SED feel the need for spreading greater awareness of eye donation, eliminating the myths in the air. Various data revealed that nearly 9.5 million deaths were reported in 2017, which meant, slightly more than 7persons died per 1000 population. On the other hand, India reports nearly 10 Million corneal blindness can be eradicated from India if half of the next of kin, decide to donate eyes of diseased. Join us to take this simple message forward – “don’t burn or bury, let the eyes of the diseased help others to see this beautiful world”. We appeal to the people of India at large to take few minutes off to think what and how can we take this mission forward.

Thousands of people are already in this mission. When are you joining?

The nature is beautiful and everyone has the right to enjoy its beauty. However, we have few amongst us who are deprived of this happiness. We as the most intelligent being on this planet can bring out a change and take a very small decision which can help the deprived ones see the planet, see the nature and their loved ones. In this act we also live for ever as a part of us lives till the next life lives.

Did you know?

Majority of people hold a very popular misconception and it needs to be enlightened. During the process of eye donation, the eyeball is not taken and it remains intact with the dead person. Only the cornea is taken and nothing else.

Eye (cornea) of the departed soul must be taken off within four (4) hours of death.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” -Mark Twain

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